Simmetric Corporation

An international wholesale company based in Middletown, Delaware, USA. Active in wholesale selling agricultural products, textile production, toys, electrical appliances and spare parts. We supply wholesalers, Exporters, Suppliers, and Distributors, Trading companies, retailers and other organizations. We are always looking to expand our business and build new long-term relationships.

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Wholesale of Agricultural Products and Equipment

Simmetric Corporation is one of the leading distributors of agricultural products and equipment our primary objective always are quality and affordability.

We engage in sourcing, importing and marketing a wide range of high quality agricultural products, agriculture equipment and tools, through world-class technology and effective distribution chain, with the most economic use of our natural resources conserving water, energy and land..

Wholesale of Textile Products

We have extensive range of varieties of both natural and man-made fabrics, these fabrics are mainly used for the functional and decorative purposes.

Raw materials used in the production process of textiles are; wool or silk; plant by-products are used in production of linen and cotton, and animal products and skin used in leather fabrics, synthetic material such as polyester and rayon.

Wholesale of Kids & Baby Products

Our Toys are not just toys. Their recipe is a unique style, a drop of sentimentality and a lot of softness, kindness and tenderness. What’s more, it is the unconditional ability and willingness to not just do business, but also to bring pleasure.

We believe that only this way it is possible to make the world a little kinder!

Wholesale of Electrical Appliances and Spare Parts

The perfect strategic business partner for consumer electronic goods. Our productive team has many years of experience in wholesale and B2B, not to mention the huge experience acquired throughout many years of trading practices worldwide.

We strive to synergize high quality, customer needs and market tendencies. The high percentage of returning clients is a proof that this strategy pays off.

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